IP CCTV Solutions

Market leading high resolution cameras with smartphone viewing.

We have an exclusive range of CCTV solutions for all purposes and with Smartphone integration you can keep an eye on your premises from anywhere in the world.

With crimes rates consistently on the rise protecting your home or business with a CCTV system is essential.


Intruder Alarms

Secure your home or business with an approved SIA intruder alarm system.

SIA have provided industry leading Intruder Alarm systems to our clients for over 45 years. Private, Commercial or Industrial, we can design and install an approved system for your home or business, from hardwired to wireless systems complete with mobile application control with alerts straight to your device.


Access Control Systems

An access control system can be the first line of defence in preventing unauthorised access or activity.

Being able to manage individual personnel allowing access and restrict access to certain areas or departments within your business is crucial, our Access Control systems do exactly that and much more.


Network & Communications

We design and install bespoke networks to suit your business needs.

We offer a wide range of networking solutions, from initial consultation to the connecting and configuring of the machines within your network, Copper and Fibre Optic solutions are tailored by our specialised IT consultants who design and install a system to suit any purpose.


So what other services do we provide?

Fire Extinguishers

Essential Fire Protection equipment at an affordable cost.

Fire Alarms

The installation of a reliable, high quality fire detection system within your business is crucial.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system can be the first line of defence. Prevent unauthorised access to your property.

Disabled Refuge

We offer a range of Disabled Refuge systems that can be designed and installed around you.

IT Solutions & Repairs

Hardware and Software repairs available for all makes and models of machines.

Time & Attendance

Our Time & Attendance management system allows you to keep track of your staff.

Storage Upgrades

CCTV storage upgrades to increase recording times.

Biometric Access

Take Access control to the next level with a Biometric system.

Fiber Optic Networks

Lightning fast long distance connections over Fiber Optics.

Need more information?

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